Postcards from Rome: My top 10 Rome places

in Rome, Italy and Vatican City.


A couple of weeks ago I was able to visit the beautiful city of Rome and Vatican City, in order to celebrate my 30th birthday (yay!). I had very high expectations since Rome is famous for being one of the most beautiful places on earth. And I was not disappointed at all.

So... from all the beautiful places, here is a list of my top 10 (personal list). The list is not in order because it would be too difficult to decide... but here it is:


1.- The colosseum

Colisseum Colisseum

Probably the most famous roman landmark. The building itself is impressive inside and out, and when the night comes and it is lightened up, it's magnificence is heightened. However, the most impressive of all, is it's history and the tales of the events that took place here... unimaginable for the contemporary human being.

2.- The forum romanum


It was raining that day but we didn't care! The ruins are really imposing, the mind goes crazy thinking - if the ruins are so impressive in their current state, how imposing it must have been to walk these roads over a thousand years ago and see the city in it's full splendor.
It was fascinating to imagine that in these places such important events took place. The forum was much bigger than we expected and we spent hours walking and admiring its beauty.

3.- The Vatican museum

Vatican museum

I didn't know what to expect... what I wanted the most was to see the Sistine Chapel. But the building is full of exquisite art in many manifestations. Probably the most outstanding were the painted murals, ceilings, vaults and domes along the museum. There were many... MANY of them, one after another after another... and then the grand finale "The Sistine Chapel". Travel tip: Do no do this in a hurry like we did.. We spent 2 hours there because we were in a hurry and had to skip a few parts and rush through others, bad planning on our part.

4.- St Peter's Basilica

Vatican   St Peters Basilic


St Peters Basilic
What can I say? Breathtaking.... My new top #1 favorite church!..... maybe.

5.- The pantheon

Pantheon Pantheon

The pantheon is such an iconic building. It was great to visit it.

6.- Villa Borghese


Beautiful place to walk and relax. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to try one of the many activities available there: Renting a segway or bike-car to tour around the park, or row on a little boat on the lake. An added value is that there were many turtles in the lake..! Other activities (that we didn't do) are visiting the zoo or the Borghese gallery.

7.- Vittoriano monument


Monumental building (well.. it's a monument!). It has amazing views of the city in many different directions. My favorite views were in the direction of the colosseum and forum romanum.

8.- Musei Capitolini

Roman museum

Great collection of roman art through the centuries, it was really inspiring.. and also a very good refugee from the rain.. It was pouring outside.

9.- Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi

One of the most beautiful fountains in the world. It is one of the things that you have to see in your lifetime.. and then throw a coin in it.. or not...

10.- The Tiber


The views along the river are very romantic. While there are so many beautiful places in Rome, most of them are really crowded. Along the water it is much more calm, you can relax and take a walk (or take a boat tour.. ).I imagine it must be a great experience for a couple in their honeymoon to walk here on a beautiful day.

So, that's it!! If you have been to Rome... what were your favorite places?? and.. if you haven't which is the place that you would like to visit the most???

Thanks for reading,


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