May Inspiration: Spring Abstract Paintings

spring abstract paintingsPhoto by drwMrk

It's already two months into spring but I'm still enjoying it (the good days). All the trees and fields are in full bloom and people are starting to decorate their windows with flower pots. While these beautiful strokes of color in cities and nature are only temporary, they inspire several people in different ways. An example of this are artists who want to capture this beauty in order to share it with the world. 

 This month I'm inspired by spring and by art inspired by spring. So I have chosen 10 beautiful abstract pieces from pinterest that embody the colors, shapes and sphere of spring. These paintings show a variety of styles and techniques that make them (in my opinion) each very unique and inspiring. 

I hope you enjoy them! Each photo is linked to the artist's website, profile or shop. 


spring abstract painting


Mixed media painting by

Mary Beth Shaw 



spring abstract painting


"Color Cascade"
by Julie Jilek 



spring abstract painting


"Later Today" by

Claire Desjardins



spring abstract painting


Flower Fest

by Corre Alice 



spring abstract


Painting by

Laura Gurton 



spring abstract painting


"Posies II"

by Karin Johannesson 



spring abstract painting


"In the Mist"

by Marta Zawadzka



spring abstract painting





spring abstract painting



by Yago Hortal



spring abstract painting



by Alicia Tormey



So let me know which one is your favorite! Or if you didn't like any at all.

 If you enjoy abstract art, you can check my pinterest board 'Abstract Paintings' where I have collected dozens of inspiring paintings (and it continues growing each day).


Thanks for reading!