Looking for flowers


 Wind blowing dry leaves - Photo by Alejandra Vazquez

Three weeks ago, spring officially started. Not only this.. but the weather forecast was great for the weekend (the first good weather weekend of the year... they said). So we got ready to enjoy outside and headed to the Drongengoedbos (a forest nearby Ghent) hoping to find the first spring flowers blooming. Upon arrival we found no flowers, which was a little dissapointing, but the forest had other beautiful surprises...

The Drongengoedbos is the biggest forest in East-Flanders, so it's an ideal way to escape from the city and take a walk in nature. There are many walking paths, we walked for around 2 hours and there were still parts that we didn't see. Maybe because I stop to take pictures all the time, but it is big..! If you are interested in learning about the history of this forest or visiting it, I will link its website  here.

Even though we found no flowers, it was very interesting to see the diversity of the nature in the site, fields of green grass and fields of long dry grass, many kinds of trees some still with leaves, others with dying leaves. This made it very interesting for photography. But the most interesting for me was the animals we found. We saw geese, squirrels, ladybugs and birds.
Here is a short selection of the pictures we took. I hope you enjoy it.


spring01 spring02 spring05 spring03 spring04

Interesting fact: A ladybug in dutch is a 'lieveheersbeestje" which means "little animal of our good Lord". 


spring08 spring07


So, that's it!

In the meanwhile, flowers are starting to bloom everywhere, I hope I can go and enjoy the flowers in the following weekends before they are gone. Hopefully take some pictures too!

So, are you enjoying spring? Or do you live in a place where... there is no real spring? (like my hometown).  Or do you.. hate spring? Let me know in the comments!

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