DIY sharpie mugs. A unique gift

kolasharpieSharpie mugs approved by Kola the Cat.

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking for an easy but one of a kind gift for my boyfriend. I remembered seeing a couple of DIY mugs on pinterest so, I decided to give it a try.

I went to the crafts shop to look for a porcelain pen. They had several options, including pens, paint, relief pens and a variety of colors. I opted for a sharpie-like pen. Because I thought it would be faster, and it was!

I made two very simple designs (one for me and one for him)  to see how they would turn out, each took less than 5 minutes (as you can probably tell...). It was really easy and now i am motivated to try something more ambitions the next time. 

After drawing on the mug, it is required to let it dry and then heat it in the oven for an hour. Afterwards, it is left to cool down in the oven.

And just like that... you have a personalized mug!




When buying a mug, check if they can be heated in the oven. I was surprised many of them are not made for oven use. (maybe because of my limited cooking and kitchen knowledge).

I bought a glass and porcelain pen (porseleinstift) exactly like one of these:




If you live in Belgium or the Netherlands, you can find them here.



Here is a gallery of my favorite designs I found on pinterest. As you can see there is no limit..! Only our imagination.


So.. That's it. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and hopefully became inspired to try it too.


Thanks for reading,


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