Sunny winter in Liège

  in Liège, Belgium.

For the last weekend of the year, we decided to go away for a relaxing trip to Liège. We had already visited the city a couples of years back and seen the main touristic attractions. So this time we decided to just walk without any route or any particular destination, just wherever the path would takes us and enjoy the views and experiences. 

The hotel where we stayed was in the historic center, just two blocks away from the Palace of the Prince-Bishops, one of the most impressive buildings in Liège, and the Place Saint-Lambert, which is main square in the city. Here is where the Christmas village takes place every year. According to the city of Liège, the Christmas village is the oldest and biggest in Belgium. So we were very lucky that we decided to make this weekend-trip during december. 

In the Christmas village we got on the ferris wheel, and we were able to have a beautiful view of the village and the whole city. It was a very clear day and very warm for this time of the year, so it was ideal. 

Afterwards we continued walking through the streets, re-discovering the city and finally we went up (and then down) the slopes of the Citadel, where we could see the city from much higher than earlier. 

We took several photos, here is a selection of my favorites ones. I hope you enjoy it and that it gives you a good idea of this beautiful city, if you haven't been there.


Building in Liege City of Liege City of Liege the wheel Building in Liege Red building Red building The red wall Green field City of Liege Stairs in Liege brick ceiling Art on a wall Stairs in LiegeView from the hill


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