Les gorges du Verdon

In Gorges du Verdon, France

Gorges du VerdonGorges du Verdon


The south of France is one of the most popular destinations for the Belgians every summer. Looking for sunshine and warmth, thousands of Belgians go there every year. So I was obviously very curious to go, even though I am no sun loving person, after living 5 years in Belgium I have learned to appreciate a sunny day and even enjoy (limited) exposure to the sun. Finding our summer french destination was no easy task, there were so many wonderful options but after a long deliberation, we chose to visit the beautiful Gorges du Verdon.

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Postcards from Rome: My top 10 Rome places

in Rome, Italy and Vatican City.


A couple of weeks ago I was able to visit the beautiful city of Rome and Vatican City, in order to celebrate my 30th birthday (yay!). I had very high expectations since Rome is famous for being one of the most beautiful places on earth. And I was not disappointed at all.

So... from all the beautiful places, here is a list of my top 10 (personal list). The list is not in order because it would be too difficult to decide... but here it is:

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May Inspiration: Spring Abstract Paintings

spring abstract paintingsPhoto by drwMrk

It's already two months into spring but I'm still enjoying it (the good days). All the trees and fields are in full bloom and people are starting to decorate their windows with flower pots. While these beautiful strokes of color in cities and nature are only temporary, they inspire several people in different ways. An example of this are artists who want to capture this beauty in order to share it with the world. 

 This month I'm inspired by spring and by art inspired by spring. So I have chosen 10 beautiful abstract pieces from pinterest that embody the colors, shapes and sphere of spring. These paintings show a variety of styles and techniques that make them (in my opinion) each very unique and inspiring. 

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Looking for flowers


 Wind blowing dry leaves - Photo by Alejandra Vazquez

Three weeks ago, spring officially started. Not only this.. but the weather forecast was great for the weekend (the first good weather weekend of the year... they said). So we got ready to enjoy outside and headed to the Drongengoedbos (a forest nearby Ghent) hoping to find the first spring flowers blooming. Upon arrival we found no flowers, which was a little dissapointing, but the forest had other beautiful surprises...

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DIY sharpie mugs. A unique gift

kolasharpieSharpie mugs approved by Kola the Cat.

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking for an easy but one of a kind gift for my boyfriend. I remembered seeing a couple of DIY mugs on pinterest so, I decided to give it a try.

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Inspiration: Interiors for cat lovers

If you really like cats, it can be a great idea to decorate your house inspired in the animal that you love so much. But if we think about cat decoration, sometimes the first ideas that come to the mind can remind us of Dolores Umbridge. However, a cat inspired interior can be really modern, minimalist or cool, with a bit of cat touches here and there or with cats all over the place. Here is a selection of great examples that I really liked.

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Sunny winter in Li├Ęge

  in Liège, Belgium.

For the last weekend of the year, we decided to go away for a relaxing trip to Liège. We had already visited the city a couples of years back and seen the main touristic attractions. So this time we decided to just walk without any route or any particular destination, just wherever the path would takes us and enjoy the views and experiences. 

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Valkenburg: Christmas in the Caverns

  in Valkenburg, The Netherlands. 

Valkenburg's marketMarket in the "Gemeentegrot".

I am a big fan of Christmas markets, so every time winter comes I am really looking forward to visiting a new one. This year I was lucky enough to visit a couple, but there was one that I was really looking forward: The market in Valkenburg, a Christmas market in the caverns. 

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Visiting Durango: The mountains

 in Durango, Mexico

Pink UmbrellaA souvenir from my trip to Durango: A pink umbrella (most likely not made in Durango, but far... far... away!)

Some say that the road is more important than the destination. I have to say that in this applies to my Durango trip. Even though I was excited to visit the city I was more excited about the road. To be able to reach Durango city we had to cross the beautiful Sierra Madre mountain system and visited the Mexiquillo Natural Park in the mountains.

We took several pictures (above one, highly photoshopped picture of me with the Mexiquillo rock formations in the background), for more realistic pictures and to know more about Mexiquillo and the Sierra madre... continue reading:

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Visiting Durango: The city

 in City of Durango, Mexico

SkullsAnimal skulls and the Durango sky at "Paseo del Viejo Oeste".

There are so many places in my country that I haven't seen. It's a pity that while I lived in Mexico I didn't have the chance to visit so many wonderful places. But on the other hand, it makes it interesting that there are still so many places to discover. I have the *intention* of visiting a new place every time I go back, this could take a long time, but that's not a bad thing. This means that I have Mexico for a very long time. This summer while in Mexico, I decided to visit the neighbouring state of Durango (Neighbour of my home state Sinaloa).

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landscapes painting
Landscapes by Alejandra Vazquez. Acrylic on canvas. 


This summer vacation I went back to my beautiful country Mexico for a couple of weeks. Besides relaxing and spending time with the family I had a long list of things to do. One of the many things was to help my father decorate his house. So, he gave me the task to make a painting for his living room. Well... he actually wanted like eight paintings to decorate his whole house, but unfortunately the vacation passed too fast! In the end, I could only make two paintings. I present you: Landscapes.

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